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For Our Creative Clients...


We LOVE fun ideas, and not just our own!

If you have an idea for an event, animal costumes, or incorporating animals into unique settings, we are here to help bring your
creative concepts to fruition!

Some of our ideas that you might be interested in, or to help you brainstorm...

Pony Ride to and/or from school (up to 1 mile)
Animals incorporated into wedding proposals and/or receptions
Chickens wearing pants
Goats in footie pajamas
Indoor Petting Zoo animals at formal events
Goats for Senior Prank Day
Hayrides around your neighborhood
Animals for Photography or Art/Drawing/Painting Classes

We don't believe in "stupid" ideas. If you think you've got a great, fun idea,
but aren't sure it'll work, ask us! We can probably make it happen, or at least find a similar option that would work for both you and our animals!


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