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#1 Bunny DAD- "Einstein"
Blue Eyed Lionhead/Mini Rex

#1 Bunny MOM- "Fluffernutter"

All of our Rabbits are bred for a sweet and calm disposition- all Bunny Moms and Dads were raised doing Petting Zoos and excelled interacting with lots of children. All of our babies are introduced to the Petting Zoo at 4-6 weeks old, so they are used to lots of handling. Unless otherwise noted,
Pricing as follows:

New Zealand Cross Rabbits are $30 ea
Lionhead/Mini Rex crosses are $50 ea
Full Lionhead Bunnies are $75 ea
Discounts are considered on purchases of 2 or more Rabbits.

Bunnies available soon!

#2 Bunny DAD- "Ace"

#2 Bunny MOM- "Oreo"
Lionhead/Mini Rex

#3 Bunny MOM- "Cleopatra"
Blue Eyed Lionhead/Mini Rex

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